Yama Glass CDM-8BK Review

Yama Glass 32-Ounce Cold Brew Drip Coffee and Tea Maker, Black is a perfect kitchen utility appliance that comes in handy at various instances. It is a tall appliance that can make both coffee and tea.

An appliance with wooden stands and glass designs, Yama Glass confers the quality standards of Taiwan. You need to put tea or coffee in the middle glass breaker, place ice cubes and water over the top and initiate the brass fittings for the desired time for dripping.

The dripping nature should be set carefully, since it is associated with creating the required aroma and flavor of the drink.

Awesome Cold Brew Drip Coffee And Tea Maker

You can follow 3 to 4 hours of drip cycle. The dripping effect produces highly brewed coffee and tea that is usually not experienced through any other process of making the drinks. A unique mechanism of permanent filter is available in either black or brown curved wood. Yama Northwest Cold Brew can be used to make 32 ounce of either coffee or tea at a time. You can use fine grind coffee beans, or rose buds and green or black varieties of tea.

Yama Cold Brew device comes with great and attractive design. It is highly recommended for producing acid free stimulating drinks of tea and coffee. The drink may be even stored or refrigerated for about 1 week and reheated to enjoy a pleasant and warm cup of beverage.

Few Advantages

The device offers splendid brewing of the drink. It is even highly effective to produce perfect aroma and flavor of tea or coffee.

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Brand: Yama Glass
Model: CDM-8BK
Product Summary:

This tea and coffee brewer is an new contemporary and cool design just introduced by Yama Glass Designs. The frame of this fantastic brewer is made of black wood. The glass is produced by Yama Glass and has the same fine quality as all of the Yama tea and coffee makers, made in Taiwan.

This is so easy to use.

Simply put the tea or coffee into the medium glass beaker, add ice water to the top and set the brass fitting for the desired drip time. (3-4 hour drip cycle is recommended).

The capacity is 32-ounce.

For tea is find to use like rose buds and fine black and green tea varieties and for coffee a fine grind is fine.

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