Yama Glass CDM-8 Review

Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker, 8-Cup is an attractively designed beverage maker that is a perfect appliance for every household. You can use this cool appliance to produce aromatic and even acid free beverages of coffee or tea.

You would not find such perfect brewing in any other energizing beverage, as this appliance helps to produce. It comes with a unique ceramic filter that helps in filtering the residue and produces the perfect beverage that you can relish for days.

It is even possible to store the ultimate product under favorable refrigeration and have it according to your convenience.

Brew Your Perfect Drink By Using This Great Cold Drip Coffee And Tea Maker

Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker is a unique brewer, rather than a beverage maker. The device helps to brew the drink perfectly with its dripping effect that can be adjusted with the help of manual adjusting knobs. Dripping of the ice water from the topmost jar is even controlled by a valve present at the center. Click to get the fantastic Yama Glass CDM-8 Cold Drip Coffee And Tea Maker shipped to you today!

Easy To Assemble This Great Brewer

The filter even comes with a brown stain finishing. Slow brewing action helps to reduce emergence of harsher oils from the green tea leaves or coffee powder, helping in the process of gaining perfect aroma that is otherwise unavailable in the drink. The final process of brewing is even mellower than what is produced by any regular brewing machine of the present age. You can produce almost 8 cups of beverage within 3 hours of brewing process. You can even install the brewing device easily and store it at any corner of your kitchen. Since the containers are made of glass, you should be careful while handling the device. Get the amazing Yama Glass CDM-8 Cold Drip Coffee And Tea Maker here!

Brand: Yama Glass
Model: CDM-8
Product Summary:

This cold drip coffee and tea maker is gorgeous and would make a lovely addition to your home and kitchen.

Water and ice are placed in the top jar, and by regulating the dripping water through the valve in the center, coffee is steeped and ends up in the carafe at the bottom of the tower.

Through a unique 3 hour process using pure ice water, ice drip coffee produces a unique flavor not found in regular brewed coffee.

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